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Episode 245: I Love Myself Today

Standing at the bedroom mirror, Ava smoothed her hair bun and tugged at the neckline of her simple navy sundress not wanting too much skin to show. She shouldnít give Sebastian an open invitation to flirt.

Xavier appeared behind her his damp black hair flopped in his eyes and against his sharp cheekbones. He wore a clean white shirt with black slacks.

"You look nice, where are you going?" She asked.

"With you."

"With me?" Ava snatched her fake pearls from the bedside table. "You came home three hours ago. You were up all night at least I hope you were since you didnít sleep in our bed."

Gazing into her eyes, Xavier took the pearl strand and wound it slowly around her wrist. "I caught a catnap on the sofa with Shelby, then I showered and now I want to go with you."

Ava noticed that he failed to acknowledge her inference to other women. Thatís what he does. With everything. "Maybe if you go to the studio now you could for once ditch the vampire hours."

He grabbed her jaw forcefully. "Iím not classy enough for these people? Or do you want your cake and to eat Sebastian too?"

"Let. Go." After a long thirty seconds he obeyed and she crossed her arms. "Do you know why I donít want you to come? Because I donít know where you are every night. I love you but you scare me. We have sex and itís beautiful yet the whole time Iím afraid that if the condom breaks itíll be like Russian Roulette for me. Should I expect a repeat performance from last yearís Garden Party? Oh, right, Iím not even supposed to know that happened am I?"

Episode 246: Somebody Like You

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