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Episode 246: Somebody Like You

"Youíre gonna let that rich punk win? Heís wanted you all along, would do anything to break us up." Xavier gritted his teeth and sank to the mattress.

"Sebastianís motives are very clear yeah, but he hasnít exactly had to make up lies about you, has he?" Ava sat beside him.

"I knew from the minute I saw you in the front row that if you gave a guy like me anything itíd be borrowed time."

"It doesnít have to be that way. Why canít you just talk to me?"

Xavier stood, his head spinning. He had to get out but she grabbed his wrist. Sheís so damn beautiful and pure and smart, shouldíve never been exposed to a person as screwed up as him. "What do you want to hear Avalon? That I had an ugly childhood? Okay. Mom and I were punching bags until the day dad knocked out mom and she never woke up. I got raised in county homes till I was fourteen-"

He closed his eyes. "I sold myself to women and men for floors to sleep on. And drugs."

Her arms looped around him and tears filled her eyes.

"Donít feel sorry for me. People have choices and I make awful ones. You should be scared. Youíre perfect and I keep telling myself Iíll change for you before itís too late but thereís always a pill, or a needle or another woman."

Episode 247: Don't Turn Off The Light

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