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Episode 243: Eyes Like Yours

"Dad you look different." Sebastian grinned wide and sauntered behind the desk. Ava rolled her eyes. A timid smile twitching at her lips. Good enough for now. "Iím just dropping off a sales report from the magazine. Not that Iíve read the thing."

"You really donít have any involvement there? Doesnít that get boring?"

He considered lying about some big ambitions in his back pocket. But lies didnít seem to get him anywhere with her. Took long enough to figure that out. "Itís better if I donít. You know how I mess up."

Ava frowned. Sebastianís brows shot up. She disagreed? Hand on the chairís back, he leaned over her. Pretended to study the computer. Savored her scent instead. Her silky hair against his cheek. "So Katherineís laptop must be down again? Whatís she got you doing?"

"Garden Party plans. I hoped Justine might make this yearís list, with all theyíve been through." Avalon shook her head. "The baby probably keeps her busy. Must be nice to feel like sheís got family again. I mean besides you sneaking visits here and there."

Ava wants a family. Sebastian stood. Massaged his jaw. He had an idea where she might get a dad. "Familyís not all itís cracked up to be."

Her mouth twisted. "You wonder about picket fences same as I do or you wouldnít have gotten so tied in knots over your mom. Who knows? Maybe our kids will play together someday if you let yours fraternize with the help."

She laughed and he wanted to punch a wall. Their kids should be siblings. "Any kid of mind isn't hanging with some druggy musician and neither should yours."

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