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Episode 244: Follow Me

Adria Marques crossed her arms over a bright blue Alberta Ferretti jersey dress. She refused to budge. How insulting? A table by the kitchen. Her boyfriend’s father stood his ground beside her. A half-united front. Paul and Mrs. Jordan however looked like they’d just as soon eat in the kitchen as opposed to kicking up a necessary fuss.

She and Paul were wired different that way. He hardly ever stuck up for himself. It annoyed her.

"Is this because of our skin?" Addie asked loud enough to turn every head. "That orange spray the people around here call tans are far more offensive don’t you think Mr. Jordan, C.E.O of like a zillion companies?"

"You make a fine point all on your own young lady." Rodney Jordan patted her back.

"This table by the window will do," Adria proceeded to seat herself and the Jordan family. "If anybody gets seated there again when this place isn’t jammed, my father will hear about it."

The waiter took their orders and they sat in uncomfortable silence until Mrs. Jordan cleared her throat. "Is your family ready fro the Garden Party?"

"Everyone but my blacklisted big sis, who wouldn’t give it all up for some groovy kind of love though right?"

Mrs. Jordan downed her entire glass of water then observed "Sebastian’s doing well with the magazine your parents must be pleased, all he needs now is someone suitable to share it with."

Adria giggled. "I wouldn’t call him settled. Taro does all the heavy lifting. And suitable? He’s so into this non-daddy approved chick but he’ll never bit the bullet like Justine did."

Episode 245: I Love Myself Today

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