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Episode 242: I Love Your Smile

Justine’s husband looked skittish as a Chihuahua but he took pretty little Tansy in his thick muscular arms and cradled her. She hoped that with time he’d learn to be comfortable with their baby. And that she would too.

"Next step changing diapers and handsome, you will be changing your share."

"Just outfit me with a clothespin for my nose and blindfold for my eyes." Quent gave a muted chuckle. Muted in the sense that his body didn’t move a bit, probably frozen with fear. But a grin crossed his stressed countenance. "She’s gurgling at me. She’s got your smile Just, that cute dimple in her right cheek."

Justine smiled and brushed the dark hair back from his eyes. Leaning over she kissed his temple. "I love that you’re nervous as I am, in a weird way it kind of takes the pressure off."

"Lucky Tansy, stuck with a mechanic dad and a debutante C.E.O. mom, both of us the lion and the scarecrow when it comes to parenting. Do you suppose after she spits up on us four of five more times this whole delicate china doll feel will be out the wind- Just, what is it?"

She’d opened the messenger’s envelope. Stared at its contents the paper trembling in her fingers. Wide-eyed and mouth agog. She reread it twice before sharing the unbelievable news with her husband. "It doesn’t seem real. Someone’s offered to buy out my company. We won’t get rich or anything but I’ll recoup my investment and we can use that to pay our hospital bills. If this is on the up and up."

"Are you sure that’s what you want baby? For awhile there you were so excited about this business. We can always find another way. Do what’s gonna keep you happy Justine. That’s all Tan and I want, just to see you smile."

Episode 243: Eyes Like Yours

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