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Episode 241: Taking You Home

"Home sweet home!" Justine stepped over the threshold cradling Tansy in the pink blanket crocheted by Quent’s mom.

Quentin followed his wife and child into their quiet shoebox sized house. Home sweet home. He hoped that would still be the case a few months down the road when they got second and third notices on hospital bills they couldn’t pay.

He placed two large shopping bags on the front mat. One with diapers and other essentials, the other with baby gifts like the bear from Sebastian, that Tansy already loved, and a picture book from Katherine Marques’ assistant. Thumbs tucked in his jeans’ empty belt loops, he gazed at his beautiful wife and she looked at him. Tansy’s big blue eyes bounced from one parent to the other.

"Well," he swiped his forehead, "Thank god we got this far, so what are we supposed to do now?"

Justine shrugged, smiled, "Give her the grand tour maybe? Do you do that with babies?

"Beats me." Quent grinned and shook his head as someone knocked at the door. "Probably my mom checking on us already."

"Don’t take this wrong, but could you get rid of her, I want this to be just us today."

Quent nodded, intending to do exactly as his wife asked, but breathed a silent sigh of relief when it turned out to be a delivery guy. He signed for a registered letter with Justine’s name on it and joined her and the baby on the sofa. Waved it in front of her.

Justine frowned. "Should I use my third hand?"

"I’ll open it for you-"

"No. Take her, you’ve never held her Quent, do you realize that?"

"She’s just still so tiny,"

"She scares me too; I’m groping in the dark same as you. Hold her."

Episode 242: I Love Your Smile

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