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Episode Twenty-Four: Paper Bag

"I never knew picking out oranges took such skill, I just wish they came in a can, you know," Justine hoped she had chosen the right till, the red-head in the tight pants didnít seem like the one but who knows, Bassie could be a real airhead at times.

Sarette Jordan was just picking up her measly bag to leave when she heard the familiar voice behind her in line. The circles were getting far too small for her liking.

"Excuse me, you sound and look so much like Katherine Marques, you wouldnít be-"

Justine glanced tentatively at the girl she presumed was Avalon, so much for her covert mission checking up on her brotherís disarray. "Sheís my loving mother, Iím Justine Marques, oh, uh, Vincente, still not quite used to that part, anyway youíre Mrs. Jordan arenít you? I stole a deal or two from your husband in my time."

Avalon felt flushed, she hadnít seen Sebastian since New Yearís Eve. She wished she had a big newspaper to hide behind instead she planned on doing the fastest ring-up in history.

"I think you know my brother, donít you?"

Ava knew the question was directed her way, her face burned. "He comes in sometimes."

Justine didnít know whether to smile or shake some sense into the girl, it was written all over her, Sebastian in big bright gold stars like a movie marquee. "He can be a pest sometimes, but I do my best to keep his heart in the right place."

"Hmm, Is he that tall, handsome gold-haired boy? Some mouth on that one," Sarette observed, almost to herself.

"Heís really not so bad, kind of charming even sometimes," Ava found herself defending him.

Sarette bit her lip. "Hmm, well, give your parents all the best from the Jordan family," "Easier said than done," Justine replied tersely and smirked at Avalon.

Episode Twenty-Five: People Are Strange

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