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Episode 237: Blessed

They couldnít touch their baby. Baby girl Vincente. Quentin lit a candle in the hospital chapel and took a seat in the front pew. Utterly helpless. He had nothing but his arms to offer to Justine. And not even that much for his child.

Twenty minutes later he found his wife beside their daughter. "Hey Just," He kissed Justineís blond head. He briefly pressed his palm to the babyís enclosure. Family bonding. He just wanted to feel a tiny finger curl around his.

"I want to name her." Justineís eyes glistened with tears. Theyíd looked like that for three days. Though it felt more like three years.

"Your mother said we should maybe hold off a couple more days." He massaged her shoulders. Noticed the baby name book on her lap.

"She said not to get attached. Iím attached Quent. No two ways about it. What about you?"

"Yeah." Thatís all he could manage.

She placed her hand over his. "Okay well; letís see what sticks. Um, Tiffany?"

"No. And not Gucci or any other designer label." He leaned over her and flipped the pages. "Hilda. You mustíve had a maid named that."

Justine smiled. That was nice. "How about this one? Tansy."

"Iíve never heard of that. Itís not goofy like Apple."

"In Latin it means tenacious. In Greek, immortality."

"Sounds perfect."

Episode 238: How Far

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