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Episode 238: How Far

Katherine leaned against the white wall, tucked just inside her husband’s home office. Dead on her feet at just past two in the morning, her eyes mere slits. She’d taken a cab from the hospital and sought out Phillip the moment she came in. "They’ve named her."

"So she’ll live then." His face wore a mask. She hated that mask that shielded his emotions from the rest of the world. From her. It grew thicker with each passing year. He used to be easier to read. Like Sebastian, he’d pretend not to feel as deeply as he did. She no longer was certain that he pretended.

"She gets a tiny bit stronger every day but it’s not clear sailing yet."

Phillip nodded and shuffled through some papers on his desk. "Their bills must be piling up."

"I offered to take care of that from, and before you blow a gasket, they turned me down. So like it or not I didn’t break any rules."

"I wanted the best for her. For her life to be easy."

"I know. And I agreed with you. I thought if we froze her out she’d come to her senses that she was born lucky and she should appreciate that. I still... I’m uncertain about Quentin. I feel terrible about it, for thinking that way after I’ve witnessed him be there for our daughter and that baby. But that’s how I feel." She waited for Phillip to say something, anything. He gave her nothing. Left her hanging in that faraway place. That empty place that once allowed her to turn to Curran, because even when the younger men fed her a bunch of bull, at least he fed something.

"I need to catch some sleep." Katherine turned and stepped into the hallway.

Phillip cleared his throat. "What’s her name?"

Episode 239: Long Time Gone

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