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Episode 236: In These Arms

Avalon dropped off her résumé at every store in the mall. Most weren’t looking for help. A couple said they’d keep her in mind.

She wandered around not due at the Marques’ for another few hours. Between social seasons like this there wasn’t much for her to do. She suspected Katherine only kept her on at Sebastian’s request. Which made her all the more determined to find another decent paying job. Hopefully one that would enable her to never see that family again.

Ava strolled into a department store and dodged the spritzer. She paused at the lingerie section. Wondered if Xavier would like any of that. Maybe J-Lo or Calvin Klein could be like breadcrumbs to lead him home one in awhile.

She grimaced. Bumped into a rack of pink lace. Hated herself for thinking like a weepy co-dependent. He’s an artist though. Has to work when the muse hits him. It just seemed to hit him for really long spells and mostly at night.

"You don’t need any of that." Ava spun at the sound of Sebastian’s voice and found a Love-A-Lot Carebear where his face should’ve been.

She grabbed the large stuffed toy from him dismayed when she spied his sunken blood shot eyes. His sagging shoulders. No trace of his charming smirk. "What’s wrong?"

"Justine had her baby yesterday. A really little girl. Three months early." Sebastian’s eyes misted. "It’s touch and go."

Ava held the bear in one hand and wrapped her arms around him. "She’s got fight in her jeans. Just like her Uncle."

"You’re stunning." His thumbs latched her hair behind her ears. "And I don’t just mean in lingerie. I mean because I annoy you. You maybe even hate me and yet you’ll spin the jerk that I am into some kind of hope. You’re the best person who’s ever hated me."

She withdrew from him and hugged the Carebear. "I don’t hate you."

Episode 237: Blessed

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