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Episode Twenty-Three: I Need A Disguise

The door was ajar because the lock had been broken for the past two weeks and Lila knew full well that she couldnít ask the super to fix it since she was being elusive about the rent. A mute point since Mrs. Blake was in her living room threatening eviction and Lila was standing there too overwhelmed to speak. Thankfully Jess was at Bowieís parentís house.

He gave a conciliatory knock and walked in as though it was a perfectly normal everyday activity. "Lila, I have been looking for you all over, this is what I owe you, right?"

Lilaís hands were shaking as she counted the stack of money in utter amazement.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She squealed with delight after Mrs. Blake left, looping her arms around Sebastianís neck. "That was so Leo as Jack Dawson," She paused and rethought apprehensively. "That was so something a guy would do for Ava,"

"I did that because I canít handle the idea of a beautiful woman begging on street corners, and yeah, I wouldnít mind talking to you about Avalon," he replied smoothly.

"You think Iím beautiful?" Lila had a tendency to get hooked on the pretty words and not notice the rest. She didnít hear the way his voice changed when he said Avalon. Sebastian cleared his throat. "So you must know her pretty well, anyway, I like her but-"

"Oh, I know oodles about Ava, knock your socks off stuff, of course..." she grabbed his hand pulling him to the sofa. "Of course, there are other items of clothing we can take care of along the way." To Lila it seemed like now or never, and to Sebastian it seemed a pleasant way to prove to Taro, Justine and maybe himself, that he felt nothing for Avalon.

Episode Twenty-Four: Paper Bag

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