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Episode 228: I'm Getting There

"You could take off those sunglasses, in case you havenít noticed weíre inside." Bowie said shaking his head. Looking conspicuous in an airport wasnít the best idea these days.

Sebastian sunk in his seat. "Itís New Yearís day. Youíre supposed to have a hangover, thatís a tradition."

"You wear it well;" Bowie smirked and glanced at his watch. "A half-hour until we board."

Bas nodded. "Weird huh? The two of us, working together on something."

"To say the least." Bowie grumbled. "I wouldíve thought youíd have some private jet."

"My father would ask too many questions," Sebastian replied.

Bowie frowned. Phillip Marques, what an idiot. His daughter marries a good guy and he excommunicates her. And heíd object to Avalon too, his son would be marrying up several levels if he ever managed to stop screwing around.

"So whereíd you tell Lila you were going?"

"To see my parents," he paused, rubbed his forehead. "Thatís probably where I should be going. But I donít know how to explain to them whatís happened to the market; I may as well have let somebody turn it into a parking lot to begin with. I shouldíve listened to that bad feeling I had about Curran Gable from the start."

"Um, maybe you should pack up Lila and the kid and start someplace fresh."

"Believe me, Iíve thought about it but I think getting out of the marketís going to be a long battle and anyway, Lila really digs her job now."

"Yeah? Great." Sebastian said, pushing at his sunglasses.

"Besides," Bowie stated, tossing his empty cup across the aisle into a trash bin. "Somebody has to keep an eye out for Ava and Iím still waiting for you to earn your stripes."

"Iím here, arenít I?"

Episode 229: Father Figure

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