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Episode 229: Father Figure

Sebastian rang the sizable white Victorian’s doorbell. He nudged Bowie and smiled inside and out as he spoke, "Her mother told her the guy’s loaded but I didn’t really believe it."

"That doesn’t mean he’s decent." Bowie replied and tried the bell for himself.

As long as the guy didn’t turn out to be some drug czar, Bas couldn’t think of any better news to have in his back pocket. It gave him hope. One less thing to hold him back. Now only a half dozen other reasons including him stood in the way.

The door opened. A young woman appeared. A blonde in short silk turquoise robe. Their age. No way would she like that. "Yeah?"

Sebastian raised his eyes from her shapely body, realizing this could be her sister. He may just as well shoot himself in the foot. Or someplace more damaging. "Is your dad home?"

"We’re looking for Calvin Baird," Bowie reiterated.

The bleach blonde giggled, "He’s not my father. Cal, it’s for you."

A dark haired man with streaks of gray at his temples buttoning his shirt grumbled his way to the door. "What is it?"

"They think you’re my father," The woman burst out laughing again and headed upstairs.

"What?" The gruff man repeated; his face marked with scars like he’d never met a bar fight he didn’t want a piece of. He fastened his cuffs before Bas could make out its message. This suddenly didn’t seem so swell. He’d pictured country club the kind of guy he could easily get on his side.

Bowie cleared his throat, "We work for a magazine uh, we’re researching someone named Mary Lubin-"

"Never heard of her." The man stated and Sebastian recognized that annoyed look. He’d been the recipient of a very similar one often enough. The guy must be a liar.

Episode 230: All That She Wants

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