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Episode 227: Home For The Holidays

Quentin stayed late. He did so, frequently these days. Even tonight on Christmas Eve. He’d sent the others home, they weren’t the ones who’d committed to too many customers in order to generate extra cash.

"Be careful out there," he waved to Mr. Stewart as the elderly man drove off into the snowy street. That, it’s over. He’d clean up and go, hopefully he’d be able to get the car out. Maybe he’d need to put chains on the tires. No matter what he was getting home to Justine and their expectant child.

He’d worked so hard and so long for her. Everything he’d done since the day they’d met had been for her, even if he’d resisted the pull to begin with. The money he’d earned the past month or so he hoped might take away some of the stress she put on herself. For some reason she thought she had to do it all.

A knock came at his office door. "Sorry we’re closed." He stated locking cash in the safe.

"Vincente, it’s Phillip Marques."

Quent’s jaw dropped. He immediately wondered if something had gone wrong. It would have to have gone really wrong for Justine to contact her dad, wouldn’t it? He rushed to the door. "Is my wife okay?"

"I wouldn’t know, is there a reason for alarm?" The older man asked with genuine concern.

"You don’t darken my door everyday."

"I saw the lights on, seemed awfully late for this kind of work. Are you having trouble getting out in this weather?" Quent’s father-in-law crossed his arms. "My Hummer’s right outside."

"You’re offering me a ride?" he asked, brows furrowed.

"There’s no sense in taking some kind of risk, not when- it’s tough conditions out there Vincente. I wouldn’t want to see anyone’s holiday ruined, that’s all."

"Not even mine?" Quentin asked, his jaw like granite as he looked the gift horse in the eye.

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