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Episode 222: November Rain

Bowie shut off the TV. He moved to answer the door and found Sebastian Marques on the other side. The guy reeked of alcohol and second-hand smoke. Bowie missed his cigarettes, the feel between his fingers, the taste, but heíd quit and that was that, for the sake of Lila and Jesse. "Jess is sleeping, and the walls are thin,"

"Yeah," Sebastian nodded, blond hair falling in his eyes as he staggered inside. "Do you know what an enigma is?" He asked then made himself at home on the sofa.

"No idea. Look if this is one of your infamous visits to Lila- wait, she said she had to work late tonight with you, how is that possible? Youíre here?"

"Uh, right, sheís working with Taro, heís the actual brains behind the magazine, kind of obsessed really, me, I donít so much care, but sheíll be keeping some late hours with him."

"I guess the extra money will come in handy since right now I donít know how things are going to shake down with Gable. So are you here with news on Avaís dad?"

"I havenít decided if I want to stick my neck into that yet, but you need to call her. Ask if she knows that her new roomie is out clubbing,"

Bowie hit speed dial. "Hey Ava, sorry to call so late,"


"Yep." He cleared his throat. "Listen, itís been bothering me, the way Gable forced you to quit, I want you to know Iím doing everything I can to get you proper severance."

"What?" Sebastian asked and Bowie held up a hand to quiet him.

"Concentrate on looking out for yourself Bo, and please, please get some sleep I hate to think youíre staying up worrying over me. Iíll figure something out, maybe I can get more hours from Katherine Marques, and thereís Xavier, not that I want to rely on him."

"Okay well, I wasnít just awake for you Lilaís working late and Iím waiting up."

"Me too. Iím waiting I mean, with Shelby purring beside me. Xavierís off someplace collaborating on a new song for his album."

Episode 223: Baby Please Come Home

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