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Episode 223: Baby Please Come Home

In the darkness of night, the telephone rang. They kept it on Katherineís side of the bed, occasionally Phillip would get calls from his overseas interests but generally, that chilling sound in the middle of the night could be attributed to a hospital emergency.

She pushed up her satin sleep mask and switched on the Tiffany lamp. With a deep breath she picked up the receiver, "Dr. Marques,"

"Hi Mommy! Man you sound so serious, very Dr. Weaver on E.R.,"

"Addie! Is something wrong?"

Phillipís head popped up from the pillow and he clutched his wifeís hand.

"Why do you sound so panicky mom? Iím good,"

"Why would you call home at one in the morning if you were okay?"

"Oh, I did it again, I forgot the different time zones; Paul was pretty grumpy the third time I did this to him."

"Well," Katherine said with a yawn. "How are your classes, sweetie?"

"All Aís," Phillip announced proudly, leaning back, arms folded behind his head.

"Theyíre great, Iíve never learned so much in my whole life. The thing is, why Iím calling that is, Iím not coming home for the holidays,"

"Itís for you;" Katherine pouted throwing the telephone at her husbandís chest.

"Uh-huh," he said, too patiently. "Good to see youíre taking the initiative Ad, doing extra studies." A few moments later he hung up.

"I went out of my way to make sure that for once Iíd be completely free of work for Christmas," Katherine sighed, "Now I supposed Sebastian will fly off someplace tropical all Iíll be left with is Justine and my stethoscope against her stomach."


Episode 224: O Christmas Tree

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