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Episode 221: Life's A Dance

Sebastian checked his watch. Then sliding his hand into the back pocket of Kylieís Seven jeans, commented, "Four and a half minutes without talking about the magazine, thatís a personal record for you, I like it a lot better."

His lips tugged at her poppy red mouth. Her hips undulated in time to the strobe lights and her feet kept the beat of the Emma Bunton tune blasting on the sound system. She returned his kiss, her fingers crawling under the lapels of his navy blue shirt. "And here I thought you loved me for my mind."

Sebastian stepped away from her, bumping into the annoyed couple behind him. He stood there, stock still in the middle of the dance floor, the proverbial deer caught in the headlights.

The next song started, The White Stripes, and Kylie crossed her arms over her gold spangled tube top.

"I need a drink," Sebastian announced grabbing Kylieís forearm and pulling her into the plush red VIP lounge. They sat at the bar. He ordered a whiskey, she, a martini.

"I have a story idea- ĎBoys Who Scare too Easily,í" she joked watching him down his drink and order another. "Donít have a heart attack, I used the L-word in jest out there, huh, now look over there, thatís a feature story heís white hot, and nobody really knows about him,"

Sebastian swiveled, his eyes landing on Xavier Rafi in a corner sofa with plenty of company none of whom were Ava, "I know him, letís go say hello,"

"Great, itís the watchdog," Xavier sighed, clinking the ice in his glass, it could have been cola, hard to tell and Bas didnít really feel like the guy deserved the benefit of the doubt.

"I donít care what you do. Though I bet Ava does."

"The mysterious Ava again," Kylie sneered, hands on her slender hips, "well now Mr. Rock Star, Iím more interested than ever in getting an exclusive on you, thatíll be two enigmas for the price of one."

Episode 222: November Rain

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