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Episode Twenty-Two: Smoke And Ashes

"Taro, have you not eaten in the last year?" Katharine joked; her son had brought a friend over, for food no less. A bit of a landmark.

"This is great Mrs. Marques; Iíve been living out of vending-"

Sebastian rudely cut him off. "So what do you think about Avaís mother?"

"Well, Iíd like to see her in person, I donít understand how people can be so selfish; this sounds really serious Sebastian." The doctorís face grew dim.

"Avalon isnít selfish, sheís doing what her mother wants, I know you of all people must admire that, or do you remember Justine?" He snapped and worse, she knew he would never have had the guts to mention their fractured family to his father.

"Bassie, I just meant that maybe something can be done for this woman," She replied shakily, why did it always feel like a pop quiz with her kids? "Iíll try to figure something out for you, I just donít know what,"

"Weíre out of here Taro," Bas still ran out like a fourteen-year old whenever possible.

"That was not polite," Taro observed between bites of the fudge heíd swiped on the way out. "So, youíre really hot for this girl now, arenít you? Big man with the big plans-"

"Right, right, your expertise at New Yearís, I guess to you, I am madly in love,"

"Hey, at least you got to go home with a gorgeous girl, all I got was that redhead puking on my dadís new shoes and I havenít even told him yet."

Episode Twenty-Three: I Need A Disguise

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