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Episode 219: Strong Enough

"Johnny Depp is gorgeous even as a dork," Justine said leaning her blonde head into Quentin’s shoulder while tossing popcorn into her mouth. She had a heavy craving for salt these days, that and chocolate ice cream in the middle of the night.

"He’s too pretty if you ask me, I’d rather watch Steve McQueen."

"If you can find a Steve McQueen Halloween movie-"

"Trick or treat!"

"Man I used to be done and gorging myself by 8p.m." Quentin complained, pausing the movie for the hundredth time. "These rugrats just won’t let a guy get a minute with his wife,"

"I can get it, I like seeing the costumes and trying to figure out if they’re Britney, Christina or a hooker," Justine laughed.

"Uh-uh, you stay put, your eyes are blood shot, your ankles swelled, I promise," he kissed her, "to give you a detailed costume update."

Justine leaned over the back of the sofa at least she could listen to the excitement. Quent was right she was far too tired to move.

"Tal, what are you doing all the way out- Mariah?"

Quentin’s sister and his ex-girlfriend?

"Your niece and nephew wanted to show off the costumes that Mariah made, meet mini Gene Simmons, and Jennifer Garner circa the good first season of Alias, pink hair and all,"

"They look great; we always knew how talented you are Mariah, who’s the bumblebee?"

"That’s Mariah’s son Tommy, somehow she fits him in between giving the best manicures in town and going to design school at night."

"I’m a regular superwoman." Mariah laughed.

"She totally is, so where’s Justine?"

"Resting." Quentin replied and Justine sunk down into the sofa.

"Resting? Geez Quent, she’s pregnant not diseased!"

Episode 220: Control

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