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Episode 220: Control

Phillip frowned and knocked back a gin and tonic. He hated the start of party season, for that matter he hated the middle too, the ending was a godsend. Two solid months of making nice with pretentious jerks, well, itís a necessary evil, his companies thrived on this kind of networking even if he didnít.

Heíd never tell anyone but this time of year always made him nostalgic, it surprised him, having fought so hard, so long to escape that life for something better. What was it about a homemade Thanksgiving dinner or a potluck Christmas party for the whole block that could possibly be more appealing than champagne and caviar?

The grass is always greener. Well now he could afford someone to mow his lawn, thatís something to be proud of, back then heíd had to do that and so much more for his parents. No, this life, it was better, thatís why heíd been so vehement with Justine.

"You look occupied, is something wrong?" His wife asked, passing him a tiny plate of crackers and pate that he would never have had the privilege of tasting in the old neighborhood. It tasted spectacular.

"You know me Kath, ever the multi-tasker, even in my own head." Phillip replied, partially telling the truth he did have a lot of irons in the fire, like checking into taking over a denim company, if Addie had eighty pairs in her closet it must be a hot ticket. And of course there was Sebastian.

"Howís the special project going? Has Sebastian officially dumped his entire workload on that poor friend of his?"

"Youíd be surprised, I think he just may have found his niche," Phillip answered, determined to not let his son have one more failure on his record, not let them pile up the way his eldest daughter had. Who knew what was going to happen with her? It worried him.

"Donít you be surprised if it all blows up in both your-"

"Hold that thought Katherine, thereís another untidy mess I need to take care of. Thereís that Paul kid, I like him well enough but it needs to be understood that itís hands off Adria until she completes college and then he puts a sizable ring on her finger."

"Very realistic attitude Phillip," his wife said, swilling champagne, "Iím sure between Bassie and Addie youíre only due for a couple million rude awakenings."

Episode 221: Life's A Dance

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