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Episode 213: Nobody Wants To Be Lonely

"I called the guys last night, well about 3a.m. I guess, I let them know Iím going solo," Xavier mentioned while sipping an orange guava smoothie, possibly the first thing Ava had ever seen him consume from an actual legitimate food group.

"Isnít breaking up the band kind of a big decision to make at an hour when you should be sleeping?" Avalon asked still wondering why they were meeting up for the first time in months, in a juice bar of all places, not to mention the fact that her boyfriend, presumably back from a stint in rehab hadnít so much as uttered one little word on that subject.

Xavier did look clean, if outward appearances count for anything. Heíd shaved, his long dark hair was neatly pulled back and though his clothes were still his trademark black there was something about them that was significantly more buttoned up. "Are you sure?"

"I just want something quieter," he replied without any elaboration, she wasnít sure if he meant the sound of his music or his lifestyle, and where did she fit in?

"Okay." Ava answered conscious of the fact that he hadnít looked her in the eyes today, not once. Not that he ever really had before and she couldnít help but think that was part of this guyís allure, the nonchalance, the non-Sebastian way he had about him, the lack of pressure could almost be called peaceful. "If thereís anything you want to talk-"

"Why donít we move in together?" Xavier suggested suddenly taking her aback as he reached across the table stroking the smooth underside of Avalonís wrist.

"Did you decide that at 3a.m. too?" The dark-haired young woman asked pointedly although inwardly against every independent fiber of her being she surprised herself by considering it. Was she really that lonely? Did she want some semblance of family again that badly that sheíd knowingly sink not only her toes now but also right up to her neck in such murky waters?

Episode 214: Lose Yourself

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