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Episode 214: Lose Yourself

"Iím sorry we havenít talked, things have been hectic at work and Iíve been getting Addie set for college," Katherine stated closing the door to her office and sitting opposite her eldest daughter.

"Weíre having a baby." Justine spit out the words, rather evenly. She hadnít become accustomed to them yet; they were still just foreign enough.

"Congratulations honey!" Katherine said squeezing Justine tight, noting her daughterís stiffness. "Honey, I should be congratulating you right? There isnít something wrong with the baby is there? Or is it insurance? Are you and Quentin having money-"

"No!" Justine shouted through streaming tears, "I knew I shouldnít have come to you, youíre just like daddy, itís always about money and Quent not having enough,"

Justine stood to leave, then sat back down. "I want this baby, I really do, but itís just, how do I balance that with this new business, I feel really overwhelmed and on top of that by the middle of the day I could fall asleep almost anywhere."

"Make sure you eat three meals a day, I promise Iím going to call Quentin and make certain youíre doing so and we know how much he loves to hear from me. And sleep Justine, even if that means for awhile hiring someone to help get your company on its feet-"

"I canít afford anyone and besides I have Quentís mom and sister on my back acting like I should be able to go out in the fields, give birth and then get right back to work-"

"What is Quentin doing to help you through all of this? This is his moment to live up to everything that you told your father and I he could be."

Episode 215: Easier

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