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Episode 207: Foolish

The summer sun shone too brightly through the draperies waking Sebastian long before he was ready. He sat up against the headboard the silky sheets sliding to his naked waist, he yawned raising his arms stretching them, then he noticed the indentation on the pillow beside him.

Sebastian rubbed his eyes gladdened that Kylie must have left in the middle of the night at least that meant they were of the same mind on this, like Taro had warned sex with an employee probably wasnít the brightest idea.

He should probably get up. Heíd promised Taro that at some point heíd come into the office before noon.

"Youíre awake? Iíd think youíd be exhausted," Kylie stated, surprising Bas by returning with a cup of coffee and a newspaper under her slender arm.

"Huh, I thought you left," Bas remarked massaging the back of his neck.

"Oh no, I just got waylaid at the main house thatís all," she answered spreading the financial section across the bed.

"The main house?"

"You donít even get the paper Sebastian, to be successful youíve got to know whatís going on out there, your father agrees with me thatís why he let me borrow his."

"My father? You didnít tell him you work for the magazine, did you?"

"He met me already at the general staff meeting; I make an impression Sebastian."

"Yeah, thatís great."

Episode 208: Split Personality

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