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Episode 208: Split Personality

"Happy anniversary," Quentin said curling over in bed, the back of his hand stroking Justineís cheek before kissing her good morning.

"Three years Quent, itís hard to believe, how many of our family and friends do you think lost bets on that one?" Justine wondered, brushing the hair from his forehead.

"So whatís the plan for today? I mean besides lunch in Paris," he teased.

Justine scrambled out of bed and slipped into her silky robe a last remnant of her old socialite self. She opened the drapes, "Itís pretty out today, really sunny, thatís probably a good omen, right? Um, Iíll go shower and then we can decide-"

"Should I join you?"

"No, hon, Iím still kind of spent from last night."


Justineís hands were unsteady opening the bathroom door. Sheíd hidden the box under a stack of towels. She took the test waiting out the three long minutes, alone, rolling things over in her mind.

She felt guilty either way. Somehow, even hypothetically, it was hard timing. Sheíd wanted this when it seemed like Quentin would be her whole world, but now, now if it was positive sheíd have to become one of those self-proclaimed superwomen because well, thatís what all the magazines say, isnít it?

Justineís smile was half-genuine and half fearful speaking to Quent, "Looks like we have more to celebrate than we ever thought."

Episode 209: Stuff And Nonsense

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