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Episode 204: Dreaming My Dreams

Lila flipped over her fiery red mane four times while riding down in the gold-trimmed elevator from Michael Gable’s office. She longed to look perfect, more than perfect, for her lunch date this afternoon.

She took off the dreary black blouse that she owned in multiples for work but definitely not for play. Underneath was a cream-colored camisole with lace trim, matching her skin perfectly, which he has said more than once that he adores.

It cost a fortune but she just knew it would be worth it. Stepping onto the street if Lila had been wearing a hat she most definitely would have thrown it in the air Mary Tyler Moore style.

Lila’s revelry took a brief stumble when she passed a hot dog vendor sharing the tricks of the trade with his little boy. It was to say the least a familiar scene. This was a bump in the road that was not on her agenda for today, so she shook it off as a cute, sweet moment to be quickly forgotten.

She was greeted kindly by the doorman of the ritziest apartment complex she’d ever passed by let alone actually ventured inside, she loved it, she could live in the lobby, let alone the idea that there was a place rising high into the sky with practically her name on it.

How many times did she dream of having a doorman? Or silky soft carpet thick enough to sink her bare polished toes into? Or a man who would buy her diamond stud earrings just because? Real diamond studs not zirconia!

Today was a dreamy day so much so that Lila didn’t see that someone had stopped in his or her tracks outside, watching her.

Episode 205: Roller Coaster

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