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Episode 205: Roller Coaster

A smile crept over Sebastian as he hid behind a potted plant in the lobby of a luxury apartment complex watching Lila skip into the elevator. He’d been here before but he typically could not remember her name, still, he knew her tax bracket and he knew there was only one person Lila was "acquainted" with who fit that financial criteria.

Walking back to his sports car, Sebastian felt good about things; everyone was getting what they wanted. He wouldn’t have to worry about his father finding out or that he’d have another heart attack like he did when Bas was ten and had found his father on the floor.

And Lila he thought, turning the key in the ignition, she always talked about things well now she had a guy who could give them to her.

The car refused to start. It figured. Something, though usually it was Ava related, always had to go wrong. He’d stop by his brother-in-law’s garage it was only a few blocks north of the park.

Sebastian was passing by the monkey bars when he spotted Jesse dangling upside down and Bowie every ready to capture the little boy. They were laughing their heads off. Jesse waved and Sebastian waved back.

Sebastian hurried on his way before the imaged in his head; those of Avalon’s angry disapproving looks made it impossible for him to move.

Episode 206: Heaven Help Me

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