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Episode 202: I Plead Insanity

"Are you sure it needs that much cheese, and are the three different kinds really all that necessary?" Justine asked her mother-in-law, perhaps the forty-ninth and fiftieth questions sheíd posed in the last twenty minutes.

Rhonda Vincente pressed her lips together and ran the back of her hand over her forehead, "Justine dear, I have been feeding this family for decades, I always do my level best to cut costs where I can, but that is one area I refuse to-"

"Iím sorry I didnít mean to anger-"

"You didnít anger me Justine; you just aggravated me, thatís all. Iím accustomed to having my kitchen to myself," Rhonda explained reminding herself that this woman is married to her baby boy. "Why donít you hand me that little clipboard of yours and I promise Iíll record absolutely every move I make and you can go ahead outside. Quentin Iím sure could use your cheering he hasnít won a pick-up basketball game in a few years.

And watching her daughter-in-law walk out the door, Rhonda did a happy dance grateful that it hadnít come to ripping out her own hair.

Episode 203: We Want The Same Thing

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