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Episode 203: We Want The Same Thing

His mother was giggling. The phone was curled tight against her ear and she was giggling. And she was telling someone, cooing to them about giving them a thorough massage. Sebastian felt sickened and so he grabbed for the receiver tearing it from Katherineís hand and hung it up.

"This was supposed to be over, wasnít it?" He yelled at her as the telephone began ringing off the hook.

"Wha-, oh, you think that was Curran?" She asked glancing at the telephone. "Youíre never really going to trust me ever again are you? You know, when you were a little boy you used to hang on to me as much as you did your father, itís not like I expect that now, youíre an adult, itís, I wish you I could turn back time okay Sebastian but I canít."

"He doesnít give up does he?" Sebastian stated loudly over the ringing. "What if dad was here? That guy doesnít even think mother, he doesnít care what happens to you, your marriage and heís seeing someone else too, you remember Lila?"

"Itís none of my concern whether heís seeing Lila or anyone else, why donít you answer the phone Sebastian?"

Sebastian jaws stiffened. He should have told his father a long time ago. Yeah, okay heíd always been a workaholic but that was more for his wife and kids, not him, he didnít deserve this.

And yeah, he knew what a hypocrite he was being. Heíd treated Ava no better than his mother did his father. Now sheíd rather be with a strung out addict. Maybe it was time his father knew the truth, people should have that, and Ava taught him that much at least. "Hello,"

"Sebastian! Sebastian is your mother all right? We were cut off and then I couldnít get any answer, is she okay?"


Episode 204: Dreaming My Dreams

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