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Episode 201: Linger

Adria pulled the bucket hat as far down over her eyes as it would go. She hoped Paul Jordan wouldn’t see her. Sort of.

Under any other circumstances she’d leap at the opportunity to flirt up a storm with the shy college student, but she needed to keep this visit to the summer acting program hush-hush. She knew that if she asked her father’s permission he’d say no. So, she’d told him that it was a pre-entrance business course, which was a far easier sale.


Adria removed her hat crushing it in her hands and running her fingers through her silky hair. Gosh he was handsome like Mekhi Pfeifer meets oh, what was his name? Stringer Bell, on that HBO show. "I don’t have a bad case of hat hair do I? I want to look okay for my audition-"

She could have kicked herself, slapping a hand over her big lip-glossed mouth.

Paul bounced his hand off of the strings of his practice racket, his eyes trained on the tennis ball motionless at his feet. He was sick of practicing. It felt like all he did night and day. "You don’t have to try that hard to be pretty."

Adria smiled then, touching his sleek, muscled forearm. "Aren’t you going to ask me what I’m auditioning for?"

Episode 202: I Plead Insanity

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