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Episode 200: Keeping My Distance

"I donít know about that Kylie person," Taro stated seconds after the young writer was the last to exit the first staff meeting for their rejuvenated magazine.

"Sheís sexy and smart sounds exactly like the image we decided on to me," Sebastian replied propping his feet up on the table.

Taro slammed his laptop shut. "Donít do anything with Kylie that will get us sued."

Bas shrugged leaning back, closing his eyes, in the chair that heíd spent more time picking out than anything else associated with their new publishing empire, "I donít know what youíre talking about, besides weíre two single adults-"

"Man, if you ever want any hope in hell of getting Avalon back just think with your brain for once, youíd be surprised how well that could work out," Taro lectured.

"Iím done with Ava, donít look at me like that Taro, I mean it this time. Look, I told her something about her... her boyfriend, and I told her out of the goodness of my heart knowing she was going to shoot the messenger. All I cared about was that she not get hurt but she couldnít trust that, she thinks everything I do is about trying to get into her pants. Thatís a problem I wouldnít have with a girl like Kylie."

"Gee, man, you really have me convinced that youíre over her," Taro snorted.

Episode 201: Linger

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