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Episode 199: No Regrets

"I am so glad you wanted to meet for lunch, I have to say that after this whole mess with Curran I was a little worried. I just thought it was really nice connecting again after all these years youíre about the only woman I know these days who can spot a Kelly bag at a thousand paces yet donít mind that my husband smells like a parking lot," Justine said. Her blue eyes drifted to a nearby table comprised of two girls sheíd clubbed with back in the day and when she walked into this restaurant that they all knew so well they pretended not to see her. Maybe they should have been born into the Marques dynasty instead of her.

"Donít even think of it, Curran does business his way and you know... I guess I do find his, I donít know, command of a room sexy as all get out but believe me if this were a business relationship Iíd have run for the hills a long time ago. I donít blame you one bit;" Michael Gable laughed taking a sip of specially ordered lukewarm water. "And you know Just, I havenít done all that well in the female friend department either, Iíve been working so hard to get things off that ground and it seems like if you miss one shoe shopping excursion they toss you out of the loop. My secretaryís the same way just trying to juggle everything, hey you know maybe we could make a regular thing of this and bring her along, I might have an open day three years from next Tuesday."

Justine laughed, "I totally get what youíre saying IĎm swamped making one arrangement after the other, Iím meeting with some foreign backers next month, now itís all about preparing Quintís mom to be, hmm, how to put it politely, a little bit more savvy,"

"If you need any help make sure to call, it is my specialty, image makeover, though you know I wouldnít do too much polishing, I mean you have to look at someone like Rocco, half of his appeal is that old world mama of his," Michael stated.

"And his hands, great hands!" Justine smiled broadly, this was nice, at least something good had definitely come out of this whole market fiasco, it brought an old friend back into her life.

"Right I forgot all about those three months you went to Italy and that American chef, was that-"

"Iíll never tell," the blonde said pretending to zip her lips with her fingers. "So you were saying about helping out my new business, do people in your line of business do pro-bono by any chance in the world?"

Episode 200: Keeping My Distance

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