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Episode 198: Little Moments

"Do you want some milk with dinner, bud?" Bowie asked placing a plateful of homemade spaghetti and meatballs in front of Jesse.

"I wanna wait for mom," the young boy said resting his chin in his cupped hands, elbows resting on the table.

Bowie cleared his throat as he filled two glasses with milk and brought them to the table before sitting down. "We donít know when your mom is going to be home, itís nearly eight oíclock you need to eat and then get in for your bath, maybe if you clean your plate we can watch a little Nick at Nite first. But only if you clean your plate."

Jesse set to twisting noodles around his fork and basically smearing his mouth with sauce, "You said we were having a family dinner,"

"I know;" Bowie sighed then leaned across the table cutting up the boyís meal before it all wound up in his lap. "I guess your mom had to work and didnít have time to call."

As Bowie announced this the aforementioned missing person came flying through the doorway. Lila stopped in her tracks when she saw them across the living room in the open kitchen. She proceeded, a bubbly smile on her face, "Smells great in here babe, hope thereís enough for me,"

"Strangely it was a dinner planned for three," Bowie said rising and grabbing her a plate.

"Hi, mommy," Jesse said running over and hugging Lila at the waist.

Lila took a seat beside her son and hardly acknowledged the meal in front of her, treating the chef like little more than a waiter at a less than posh restaurant.

Episode 199: No Regrets

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