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Episode 196: Addicted

"This is fantastic; does Avalon know about this?" Sebastian asked fuming as he picked up the pieces of a pot that had smashed when the musician had apparently slid to the floor.

"Its nothing," Xavier insisted blowing a significant amount of air through his lips as he struggled to get back on his feet.

Sebastian watched him untie the syringe from his skinny tattooed arm, and tucking the needle inside some black leather case. As if before the idea of this guys hands on Avalon didnt make him sick enough, "Shes going to find out, shes not stupid man, trust me I screwed up with her often enough to know that much."

"Dont tell her, okay. I- things were really; they got hectic over in Asia, I-"

"Look we both know youre not exactly in a clear state of mind here but maybe you should really check the quality control on that stuff if you think I give a damn why you started! You dont matter to me at all, but Ava does. Shes- shes like the best person I know, and I damn sure know shes the best person you know-"

"Hey, listen are you telling her or what? I- Im gonna fix this Im going to stop, you can look even, that was the last of it," Xavier interrupted, continuously twisting his sinewy body, cradling his side, strands of black hair flying in his ashen face. He shut his eyes for a brief moment, then spoke carefully, "I- Im getting out of here, Im leaving for a few weeks and fix this so go and tell her right now. The next time she sees me, I- Ill tell her I went on some retreat, to write songs, perfect songs, about her maybe and shes going to think youre a spiteful liar if you tell her anything different."

Episode 197: Run, Baby, Run

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