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Episode 197: Run, Baby, Run

"Heís a rock star Ava he probably felt like he was suffocating underneath all of this frou-frou, itís like ten years from now when Iím in all my like, Gwyneth glory, am I after winning my Oscar for you know being the star of Sofia Coppolaís latest opus, am I going to come back here and you know enjoy the shrimp cocktail?" Adria said.

Avalonís face was carrying a mammoth frown as she pulled at the pearls around her wrist.

"Whoís this rock star weíre talking about?" Sarette Jordan asked walking up to her son and straightening his crooked tie, the young college student pushed her hand away, his cheeks flushing as though she licked a tissue to wash some muck off his face.

"Avaís dating this major hottie, Xavier Rafi you know he sings-

Paul interrupted with his soft voice; "Mom hasnít listened to music since Lionel Ritchie was dancing on the ceiling,"

"You mean Nicoleís dad? Heís a singer?" Adria asked.

"Hey," Sebastian said catching Avaís arm; she was the only one within earshot not convulsing in laughter over Addieís lack of knowledge. "Can we talk, someplace private, please,"

Avalon immediately saw the worried look in his usually dancing charmed blue eyes and knew she had to follow him.

In the greenhouse Sebastian showed her the aftermath, the shattered ceramic pieces, clumps of soil on the floor and her face turned to stone as he explained what he saw. "I just want you to believe, to know that Iím not telling you this because I hope youíll break up with him. I mean I laid those cards on the table a long time ago, I would give anything to start over again, but you donít want that and I get it. Itís just really scary, you know Iíve been messed up with some stuff but this is hardcore Avalon, if youíre not careful, if youíre not really safe..."

Episode 198: Little Moments

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