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Episode 192: Nasty Boys

"Itís a beautiful day Justine, you should come with me to the car show, I wonít even complain if you want to stop at that designer outlet mall on the way," Quentin said drawing open the lacy pale yellow curtains in their bedroom. "Okay I might complain a little but Iíd love the company."

"I just canít today sweetie," she replied buttoning her striped pink blouse.

"Címon, thereís no law saying you have to become Donald Trump right this minute," he said standing behind his wife massaging her neck. "You worked really hard trying to fix that store, you deserve a break, and you donít want to become your parents, do you?"

"No I donít," she turned, smiling big at him and folding her arms around Quentís neck. "No, Iím going to be bigger and Iím going to squash Gable and Bowie like the little bugs they are."

"Whoah, thatís harsh, donít you think Just? Bowieís a nice guy and he has a kid to raise, he needs the money,"

"So what? Iím really tired of hearing that everywhere, that Iím supposed to feel sorry for someone because they have a child, treat them differently. Those guys dumped all over my opinions Quint, they acted like Iím some kind of idiot savant who should be patted on the head and you expect me to ignore that, that itís okay that they do that to me because, why? Because Iím not somebodyís mother?"

Episode 193: Let's Dance

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