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Episode 193: Let's Dance

"Happy Birthday!" Bowie said kissing Lila beside her desk.

She frowned when he then presented her with a small bouquet of multi-colored tulips.

"I know they’re not your favorite roses but I wanted to take you out to lunch, I mean a real lunch not vendor hot dogs. I took off the whole afternoon so we can-"

"You shouldn’t have," Lila replied her eyes darting to the opening elevator doors and Curran’s timely arrival. "It’s really busy around here and I don’t have that kind of time."

"Hello Bowie, Lila, beautiful flowers is this a special occasion?"

"It’s my birthday." Lila beamed.

"Well happy birthday!" Curran said planting a quick innocent kiss on her flushed cheek. "You shouldn’t work so hard on your special day you should be painting the town,"

Lila looked totally confused, "I, uh, have a lot of work."

"Nonsense, I can fill in for you, the computer’s already turned on so the battle’s half won and the wife will get a kick out of it when she hears my voice on the intercom."

"There you go Lila, we need to get going I made reservations, that doesn’t happen everyday as you point out," Bowie smiled and grabbed his fiancee by her spindly arm.

Episode 194: Brass In Pocket

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