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Episode 191: Answer

"Youíre looking very George Hamilton;" Sebastian laughed greeting his father with an one-armed hug.

"Your mother assured me that I was only out in that Caribbean sun long enough for a Robert Redford manly tan, Iíll have to have a word with her," Phillip smiled, happy for his rare vacation and perhaps, happier still to be back at work. "So how are things looking for the magazine re-launch?"

"Itís good, itís good," Bas replied while playing with some stress reliever gizmo heíd picked up off of his fatherís desk. "Taro and I are on top of things, weíre thinking about hiring Michael Gable for PR,"

Phillip nodded, "I hear that sheís one of the best up and comers,"

Sebastian studied his fatherís face and saw nothing, and for the thousandth time he wondered if he should just blurt out what he knew, if that was the right thing. The mess he made of things with Avalon made him question if he had ever known what the right thing was, or at least would ever be brave enough for it.

"Well son, I just wanted to check in, I canít throw you into the deep end without keeping an eye out. So listen weíll have some kind of official meeting once you get some kind of staff worked out, right now I have this stack of phone messages I need to return. I tell you Sebastian you never realize how dependant you are on this stuff until you donít have it, your mother and I were going stir crazy the first couple of days."

"What? There were no telephones at the resort? Are you sure Ka- mother didnít sneak in her cell phone?"

Episode 192: Nasty Boys

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