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Episode 190: If I Ran Into You

"Itís me." He whispered his lips snug against her ear and he removed his hand from her mouth.

Sebastian, of course. Ava was about to stomp out his foot with her ankle boots and give him a tongue lashing when again she was silenced, this time by his index finger laid gently to her pink lips.

"Iím thrilled you liked it, I heard that Claire Danes and Natalie Portman were warring over it but I snatched the frock up just for you. How about we meet for lunch tomorrow so you can show it off? Good, Iíll see you at one-thirty then."

Sebastian and Avalon watched Curran Gable disappear around the corner and presumably back inside the smoky club.

"You think he was talking to your mother, donít you?"

"Maybe," he said, but those thoughts had already been replaced by wow, sheís beautiful. "I hope I didnít scare you, but I had to hear the rest of...well it wasnít really bright of you to come out in the alley all alone anyway, whereís your mangy boyfriend?"

"He has to go on in a couple minutes as if you didnít know, what mature thing are you planning Sebastian? Throw eggs at him, boo-"

"Michael Gable invited Taro and I to check out her work, to see if we want to use her to launch the magazine, itís just my bad luck that your tone deaf friends happen to be the ones sheís repping," Sebastian said and then his lip curled up. "Iím not chasing after you Ava, I came to the conclusion at our last meeting that I donít have to, and you do remember that, right?"

Avalon rolled her eyes at him, her cheeks blazing pink under the cover of darkness.

Episode 191: Answer

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