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Episode 189: The Difficult Kind

Ava could hardly see her hands for all the rings of smoke being blown her way. She was ensconced on a sofa, stained with who knows what in a dingy back room of a dingy nightclub in the heart of downtown.

Xavier got up and crushed a skeletal groupieís cigarette into the floor. He returned, draping an arm over Avalonís shoulder, the other hand nursing his pre-show beer. His left leg was fidgeting in quick bounces.

Ava rested her head in the crook of his neck, not minding that he smelled of every vice known to mankind. "You guys did so well in Japan, I donít get why Michael Gable thinks showcasing you in a grimy place like this is a good idea."

Xavier was quiet, searingly so. "We canít play a Planet Hollywood and expect people to take us seriously; you donít have to be here if you donít want to be."

"Hey," Ava said lifting her head and planting her lips on the side of his mouth. "You know I love watching you up there, itís like Tom Joad meets Edmond Dantes."

Xavier frowned and his fingers toyed with the waist of her blue jeans. "You really donít belong here Avalon."

"Neither do you, youíre so much better than a place like this," Ava replied pushing an errant strand of black hair out of his eyes. "Iím getting a headache, Iím going outside until your set starts, why donít you come with?"

"Nah, babe, Iím good here, you go ahead," he said smoothing the silky ends of her hair.

Avalon took one step out into the black, desolate alleyway when a hand wrapped across her mouth preventing any scream for help.

Episode 190: If I Ran Into You

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