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Episode 188: Shot In The Dark

"The packaging will be so great, something down home; I was thinking red gingham or like a little fake picnic basket-"

"The people who come here think Cup-a-Soup is fancy, if they want homemade they actually, you know, make it," Bowie interrupted and it wasn’t like he enjoyed constantly squashing Justine’s ideas, but unlike his two partners, he had to count his pennies.

Lila had all but entirely stopped talking about the wedding. Things felt as shaky if not shakier than ever. Bowie loves Lila but he’s not sure... If he thought some get rich quick scam would work well he’d, no, no he wouldn’t he wasn’t like that which was half the problem.

Sometimes he dreamt about surprising her with a wedding in Rome, or Cannes, or any other place she always went on and on about. But that was only a dream.

"Marie Calendar, Mrs. Field’s there are tons of them out there that have accrued fortunes-"

"With all due respect Justine, we love that you thing so big but really that’s an undertaking meant for a much larger company." Curran explained his voice rather the opposite of respect.

Justine’s mouth curled up into a furious little knot. "Well, the deal I signed with you two lets me out every thirteen weeks so count me out of this sinking ship!"

Episode 189: The Difficult Kind

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