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Episode 186: Demolition Love

"You better be buying Sebastian, I canít afford Cappuccinos," Lila said praying herself up onto the tool stool of the sidewalk cafe, shivering slightly.

"I saw you coming out of that nail salon the other day so I know you can afford it," Sebastian said studying a message on his palm pilot. "You need to be more careful,"

"What is that supposed to mean?" She asked shoving curls of red hair back behind her ears.

"It means I saw you out there on the sidewalk showing Curran Gable your pedicure and I also saw you get into his town car, just be careful, youíre supposedly engaged and heís supposedly married."

"Well itís nothing and weíre just friends, he got me that appointment cause lord knows you have to be some debutante to get in the place."

"It sure is taking you a long time to set a wedding date." Sebastian stated as their coffees arrived.

"I havenít seen you running to the alter either, though you know maybe Ava will said us both an invite to her wedding you know how rock stars love to do the whole Vegas thing," Lila spit out at him.

"Yeah, well, doesnít worry me, that guy will be about as devoted as your quote-un-quote friend Curran," Bas replied through squinting eyes. "Listen, as a friend, the kind of friend who lives the life youíve always talked about, I think youíre doing the right thing putting off this marriage to Bowie, I mean, you always wanted a guy like Gable right?"

Episode 187: Top Of The World

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