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Episode 187: Top Of The World

Adria examined her hair in the mirror. It wasnít southern enough for Blanche she decided and for the third time in the last forty-five minutes she brushed it out.

"My family is here! They just landed in the front row, I specifically told them to sit in the back so I wouldnít even see them but no of course not!" Adriaís classmate Carly announced as her fingers frantically flipped through the piles of cosmetics on the table.

"I wouldnít worry youíre an awesome Stella, my hair on the other hand is going to ruin the entire production." Adria said drowning herself in hairspray. "And do you think I need more powder, I mean itís supposed to be hot and sticky in New Orleans right?"

"You have enough on you donít want to look all baby Jane not when youíre so the next Julianne Moore, I can picture it already, a soap in New York then a Robert Altman movie and then youíll be like the muse for a real cool Indy director." Her friend said creeping over to the red curtain.

"Ad, what do your parents look like? Iíll find them for you so you know where not to look,"

"Oh, uh, I never told them about the play, itís not really their kind of thing," Adria explained while applying buckets of mascara to her lashes.

"Why not? Whatís wrong with them? This is your first lead Addie; this means everything to you! Honestly your parents like need Dr. Phil and Oprah!"

Episode 188: Shot In The Dark

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