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Episode 185: Save My Life

"This is a rare treat," Rhonda Vincente smiled as her daughter-in law took a seat at the kitchen table and she laid a platted of thick sandwiches between them. "Justine I donít think Iíve ever had the pleasure of your company all to myself, what is Quentin up to today?"

"Heís doing something with the plumbing," Justine explained drawing her chair in. "Iíve learned that itís best to steer clear on that kind of day."

"A right of passage learned by every bride, but at least you snagged yourself a good one, my sister has to beg her husband to do anything around the house and even then she ends up having to call a repairman to fix all that heís done," Rhonda laughed.

"This is really delicious I donít know what your secret is to making cheese and tomato so luxurious," Justine complimented after a delicate bite.

"Itís only a sandwich dear not the Second Coming,"

"Donít sell yourself so short you know thatís kind of why Iím here I really think you could be like I donít know the Martha Stewart of comfort food," the blonde waxed enthusiastically.

Looking at her daughter-in-law as though three heads were sprouting from her neck, mother Vincente replied, "You really are a charming girl, could convince a man Arabia that he needed a down parka I bet, itís just, sugar, Iím really happy the way things are. I like to leave my get rich quick schemes to my I Love Lucy re-runs."

Episode 186: Demolition Love

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