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Episode 180: I Don't Like Mondays

"This place is utter rubbish!" Curran proclaimed dropping the marketís financial statement onto the desk.

"I warned you that sinking all that money into renovations wasnít going to fix everything," Bowie replied.

"Thatís right we should have left things the way they were so that not only would everything on the shelves cost more than the other stores but customers would get the bonus of those shelves falling on their obviously already dented heads," Justine interjected not so helpfully.

"We have to get rid of this stock and go upscale-"

"Unbelievable!" Justine exclaimed cutting off Curran. "Hmm, let me think, now where have I heard that idea before?"

Bowie screwed up his face at the pair of them. "What are you planning on doing with everything weíve already got? We canít just eat all of this, I-"

"Donít be so literal, youíll get a tummy ache," Curran joked, badly. "You both need to remember you canít make money without spending it. Weíll have a sale and everything leftover weíll give to the homeless that kind of press can only help. Unless youíd like it for your wedding or are you not penciling in a date for the big day until 2010?"

"Lila and I are none of your-"

"Just shut it both of you youíre not eight year olds on the playground weíre running a business here and Iím not about to fail because of the two of you." Justine stated.

Episode 181: Electric Youth

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