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Episode 181: Electric Youth

"Did we have to take the town car Daddy? I mean kids are staring and like not in the good Dolce and Gabbana mini kind of way. I mean its not Lakeway there’s real people at Colleges." Adria complained looking out the window at what seemed like the millionth forested glen they’d passed by in the last two days.

"I can’t get my work done and drive, and my hair would be standing on end if you drove," Phillip said crossing out several lines in a business document.

"Any decision yet on what suits you? Yale is always a top consideration and Brown has come a long way if that’s really the direction you want to-"

"I was thinking Palatine." Adria suggested searching her Murakami bag for her favorite watermelon lip-gloss. "They have a really great drama department."

"They’re not even on our list Adria; they’re practically a beach school, academically-"

"Like I was saying they have a really great drama department and if I’m going to be an actress-"

"’You’re going to be an actress?" Phillip asked incredulously his pen dropping to the floor of the car.

Episode 182: Valentine Girls

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