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Episode 179: Here Comes The Rain Again

Ava waited at airport sans make-up with her arms tightly crossed over her skinny black turtleneck and the suede coat Adria insisted she have for Christmas. Xavier was an hour late already due to fog and she should have been at the Marques twenty minutes ago.

Half past an eternity passengers began streaming through, straggling behind in dark sunglasses the band members of Puritan looked as though theyd gone three months without sleep as they passed by Ava giving her a nod.

She saw Xavier at the end of the long hallway signing for a flight attendant, looking every bit the burgeoning rock star in a dark duster coat, faded jeans, and a maroon shirt opened halfway to his waist.

"Hes here!" Squealed a half dozen teenage girls in all their Britney Spears finery. They smothered him with single bouquets of chocolate roses, flashbulbs, and curious hands with pale blue nail polish.

Swarmed, Xavier spotted Avalon and coolly shrugged his shoulders.

"The Asian chicks really dug him, it was like you know Beatles time in Japan, climbing on top of buses it was crazy I mean weve been in this thing eight years you know and never seen anything like it," Keith Croffin, the bass player explained standing beside her.

"Look, could you tell him that Im late for work, Ill be home by ten he can call me then," Avalon stated turning up the collar of her coat.

Episode 180: I Don't Like Mondays

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