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Episode 173: You're Not My God

"I saw that Addie; the king can only move one square at a time, check." Phillip said spending his lunch break in his daughterís hospital room and glancing at his watch.

"Iím an invalid daddy, youíre supposed to give me some slack;" she giggled as a knock came gently at the door. "Come in,"

Justine smiled brightly at her little sister until Phillip turned his stony gaze to her.

"Iíll come back and see you later Addie;" Justine said her eyes darting around the room.

"Wait!" Phillip bellowed. "I need to get back to work; Iíll be back and donít let me hear that youíve been flirting again with those interns." He kissed his little girlís cheek.

"You wonít hear it from me!" Adria giggled once more.

Phillip walked past his eldest daughter giving her a cold nod and was almost out the door before Justine decided to speak her mind.

"Just so you know it didnít work."

"Excuse me?" He asked clutching his briefcase so tight his fingers were turning red.

"Youíre trying to make Quentin not trust me, I know this, and Iíve never been an airhead. What do you think just because you whisper a few things in his ear weíll become a train wreck?" She asked, her arms crossed over a pink polo shirt.

"That wasnít my intention not even close." Phillip replied before exiting.

Episode 174: It's The Most Wonderful Time

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