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Episode 174: It's The Most Wonderful Time

"Lila would you please fax these to Tokyo right away-" Michael was caught off guard by her husband who seemingly out of nowhere pulled her into his arms. She twisted away and continued to her employee, "Now Lila, itís very important that Puritan get these papers!"

Lila frowned and reluctantly put down her Christmas catalog. Sheíd been putting shopping off and off again, now it was crunch time. She didnít even have anything for Jesse and now Avalonís new boyfriend was being shoved in her face everyday. Most wonderful time of the year my-

"They need to be there yesterday Lila, and Curran I am just way too swamped for anything youíve got planned, okay, Iím sorry, thereís just too much going on right now."

"No problem love, once youíve seen the Messiah once and all that," he pulled in his lower lip, Michael brushed his cheek with her mouth, a dismissive kiss before vanishing into her office.

Curran shook off the dejection and shrugged his Hedi Slimane trench over his slim shoulders; he was about to leave when he noticed Lila nearly pulling her hair out over the fax machine. "Looks like your holiday is going as holly jolly as mine."

"There, it finally sent!" She said flopping back into her chair it almost tipped over. "Iím so flipping stressed out, you know, thereís the stupid wedding and-"

He picked her snow stained coat up off of the rack and held it out to her.

Episode 175: Wonderful Christmastime

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