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Episode 172: You Learn

"It was so embarrassing I mean they only ski into trees in like cartoons right?" Adria joked as Sebastian stood beside her bed and Ava edged towards the door. The sixteen-year-old instantly deemed them overgrown babies. "Youíd think in this day and age when you break your leg that they wouldnít make such ugly casts you know, Iím sure I heard something about Paris Hilton having a Versace cast before."

"How about I have Taro come by and kiss it better?" Bas teased his little sister relieved that it wasnít anything more serious than stupidly skiing out of bounds.

"Jerk," Addie stated swatting at him. "Donít listen to him Ava Iíve never had a crush on his stupid friend."

"I should go;" Ava demurred, her hand reaching out for the door. "Would you mind telling your mother that I wasnít able to get all of the Gala invitations out but first thing-"

"Is it true that youíre dating Xavier Rafi? He is so hot," Addie asked in an effort to suss out the situation, she watched Sebastianís jaw clench and his fists dived into his pockets. "It would be so cool if you could get him to come and sign my cast."

Avalon gazed at the floor she didnít want an argument and mostly she didnít want to discuss her love life in front of Sebastian. "Puritan is touring the Orient they wonít be back until January 13, Iíll get him to sign you a CD okay Addie, I really have to go."

"Avalon," Sebastian said following her out into the hallway. "Thanks for coming with me, I just, you have no idea how much I wish I had returned the favor."

Episode 173: You're Not My God

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