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Episode 171: You Can't Lose Me

She frantically pounded on the door of the gatehouse trying to be heard over Van Halenís Panama. Torrents of rain soaked her to the skin on her run over from the main house and she huddled inside her lemon yellow peacoat.

Sebastianís mouth was agape as he stood there in baggy chinos and a crisp white t-shirt. "Uh- huh, uh, come in, it looks pretty nasty out there,"

She followed him inside at an absolute loss for words knowing from past experience that he didnít handle the heavier things in quite the same sail through life fashion as he did everything else.

Sebastian turned off the stereo and moved a couple stacks of magazines off of the burnt orange sofa. He shrugged, "Research, did you know my dad handed me the reins of Hard Drive magazine, if it werenít for nepotism..."

He didnít really know what he was saying. His mind was racing as he stared at the flush circles on her cheeks. There were so many possibilities that he was blind to the distress in her expression.

"Adriaís had an accident, skiing I think, they wouldnít tell me just that theyíre airlifting her to the hospital. Your mom is in surgery and I couldnít find your dad..."

"What?" He asked the way you do when youíve heard something far too clearly. His head bent forward and one hand grasped the back of his neck.

"Sebastian," Avalon spoke his name as calmly as possible, she pulled his hand down and held it in her own. "You need to go to the hospital and see your sister; Iím going to go with you."

Episode 172: You Learn

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